Vote – It’s Your Right

Vote in all Presidential Elections

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There are a variety of reasons why you should vote in elections. One of the great advantages to residing in a democratic society is the fact that every citizen has the ability to take part in the decision making processes of the country. This is accomplished through the concept of elections and the electoral process. By voting in elections you are exercising your right to participate in the process. If you fail to exercise your right you are not taking advantage of the right you have been given as a citizen of a democratic nation.

First, you should feel compelled to vote for the pure satisfaction of knowing you made an impact on the election. By casting your vote you gave the candidate or initiative you voted for an edge against the opposing vote. Every vote makes a difference, if everyone decided not to vote the one person who may decide to vote would have all the power. By voting you know you effectively voiced your opinion and played a role in the final election decision.

Not Voting Gives The Opposition An Advantage

It is also important to vote because if everyone decided not to exercise their right to vote decisions would be made without a democratic consensus. By allowing citizens to vote on political candidates and legislative processes the government is ensuring that the majority of its citizens will agree with the final decision. This ensures that the government does not appoint political officials or put laws into effect which are against what the majority of citizens agree with or are in support of. If you do not take advantage of your right to vote you are giving the power to someone else, and giving your opposition the advantage.

Make A Difference – Always Vote In Elections

You should always vote in elections, and you should always be sure that you are making a difference and an impact in the decisions which will affect you as a citizen. Additionally, politicians are more likely to respond to the needs of communities who have high voter turn-outs since those are the areas which will likely have a larger impact on the following election. Politicians and policy makers must answer to their constituents if they hope to continue their tenure in a political office. You should vote in elections because it gives you power over legislation and political officials. Citizens who live in democratic societies must take advantage of the decision making processes which they have been empowered to be a part of.